Summer Gateway: Biei & Furano, Hokkaido

July 2017

“Bagus banget!!!”

Adalah kesan pertama beberapa menit sebelum landing di Bandara Ashakiwa. Melihat pemandangan di darat melalui jendela pesawat, tepat di depan emergency door, tempat dimana saya duduk. Hamparan bukit-bukit dan petak-petak ladang menghiasi daerah Biei, tempat yang akan kita tuju. Imajinasi saya langsung membayangkan iklan L’Occitaine dengan hamparan ladang lavendel di La Provence, Perancis (mari di-aminin saja suatu saat saya ke sana!). Biei memang terkenal dengan hamparan ladang serta bukit-bukitnya yang seringkali dijadikan sebagai lokasi shooting untuk iklan komersil.

Summer Gateway in Hokkaido: Prologue

Summer in July, 2017

Tokyo during summer is “engep”. Yes! It’s very hot, humid and barely no wind (if there’s a wind, it’s typhoon or it’s a hot wind, is useless using your hand fan!) So we decided to have short getaway to Hokkaido, where’s the weather as not as humid like here.

Winter Trip: Shirakawa-go

Winter in January 2017

This year I visited Shirakawa-go in early January and only have 3 days 2 nights to travel,  so we decided to go to Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa and Takayama. By the time I visited it wasn’t completely covered with snow which is good since it’s still in the early season. Also, it was my first experience to see, touch and play with snow (Tokyo doesn’t get snowy in winter). Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to stay there––it was full-booked.

What is in your mind when you hear Shirakawa-go?

Wonderful 2016

My image of “The Zahir”, a book by Paulo Coelho

It may sounds like a Tourism’s Slogan from a country where I live in nowadays, but 2016 was definitely an endless discovery for me.

God answers your prayer in three ways:
He says yes and gives you what you want,
He says no and gives you something better,
He says wait and gives you the best.

Zen Moment

First time strolling around Ginza during Winter with Faela san, 2015.

Moving abroad can be difficult; you’re out from your comfort zone––facing different weather, culture, and language. After all bureaucracy things done, your new life is begin. Some people survived, some people not. One thing that makes you survive through all challenges is: excitement.