Zen Moment

First time strolling around Ginza during Winter with Faela san, 2015.
Moving abroad can be difficult; you’re out from your comfort zone––facing different weather, culture, and language. After all bureaucracy things done, your new life is begin. Some people survived, some people not. One thing that makes you survive through all challenges is: excitement. Explore your new neighbourhood, walking to the park in the afternoon, find a nice furniture for your home, small shopping for clothes to adjust the new weather, taking a picture, meet new people, small chat with shopkeeper or strange people when you're waiting for the train, see the landmark and tourism spot, culinary tour, take a language class, well.. make memories!

Maybe my journey is not like most of my friends, who go abroad to pursue their master degree, get a job overseas, or living permanently there. Everyone has their own path and the most important thing is you gotta embrace it with positivity. Like this opportunity to live in another part of the world.

The more I stand and look from far away to my usual environment, the more I realised how big the world is and how small (sometimes narrow) people's mind is. I know I will come back and never be the same person again, it’s a part of growing up––our way of thinking evolve too.

I don’t feel homesick. That’s a big surprise, especially for my husband. Maybe because I really aware that I stay only for several years here? or I just love how everything so organized here? well... I can’t think of one. Why should I waste my time thinking about going home instead of enjoy the present?

I feel content.
I have my Zen moment here.

Halloween di Shibuya

Ketika beberapa negara melarang perayaan Halloween dengan alasan perayaan tersebut merupakan salah satu perayaan agama tertentu, di Jepang, Halloween merupakan acara komersil. Mereka tidak terlalu memikirkan asal muasal Halloween, mereka hanya melihat ini sebagai ajang pesta kostum yang meriah.

Bisa dibayangkan kan lautan situasi di sana, khususnya di depan stasiun JR Shibuya yang letaknya persis di depan monumen Hachiko, Shibuya ‘scramble’ Crossing dan shopping district? Let’s check this out!

Tama River Fireworks Festival

世田谷区たまがわ花火大会 (Setagaya-ku Tama Gawa Hanabi Taikai) – Setagaya Tama River Fireworks Festival

Last week, August 20 2016, I went to Indonesian Week Festival (Pesta Rakyat). That morning the weather wasn’t good, heavy rain with thunderstorm. During the festival, one of my friend asked me whether that day I would go to see the fireworks or not. I actually had no clue at all about the event. Since it wasn’t far from my house, I decided to go the event.

The weather wasn’t predictable. Everytime I checked weather forecasting on my phone, wasn’t as accurate as usual. Around 11 AM, after heavy rain with thunderstorm, suddenly was very sunny and humid. I barely felt the wind blow. I doubt myself to go to Futakotamagawa to see the festival, but my feeling said that this will be the last fireworks I could attend during this summer. Also, from what I’ve seen on the website, it looks spectacular.

Hari Ulang Tahun Republik Indonesia ke-71

Seiring beranjak dewasa, jujur saya sudah tidak begitu tertarik dengan acara menyambut lomba perayaan 17 Agustus. Sangat berbeda ketika masih kecil yang bawaannya pengen ikutan pleus menangin semua lomba biar dapet hadiah. Rasa excited itu berkurang perlahan, begitu pula dengan antusiasme di tempat saya tinggal. Perlombaan yang biasanya diadakan di taman utama komplek, sekarang hanya dilakukan di beberapa jalan depan rumah. Anak-anak ABG pun hanya sekedar mejeng di area sekitaran lomba cuma untuk update social media (yang pada kehidupan realita mereka hanya datang-foto-posting-pulang), well there’s nothing wrong with that though, it’s tragic!

In brief word, Law of Diminishing Return does exist, and it happens!

Lalu, apa rasanya merayakan kemerdekaan tanah air di negeri orang? 

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