Path of Life

Have you ever feel:
There is a heaviness in your head? 
Something that feel it punched through your heart make you hardly to breathe? 
Screaming out loud inside your body (in the fact you are not screaming)? 
Feels like an independent person (in the fact you ignore the one you love)? 
Easily give an advice of something, but when the question come back for you, suddenly you feel 'sick' and if you want to be honest, you don't feel comfortable around people asking for yourself (for the questions)?

Have you ever.. feel like that…?

In the end, you feel like you have a problem.. but… you don't know what it is… but you still asking yourself why you seems like have this problem.

You know what..
Yes you have a problem, and the problem is you.
Yes you are the problem, because you are TOO scared to face something that even couldn't be happen.
You are too over thinking and you forget everything around you in the present.
You feel like you will get something serious in the future.
You are not weak, you just put your energy in the wrong way.
And it creates negative aura in yourself.

It's life.

It's alright to feel like that, but if this make you questioning yourself.. it's not alright anymore.

You can choose to be a quitter, a camper or a climber in this situation.

I hope you chose to be a climber

Be optimist. Think positive. As long as you believe something good will happen, and you trust yourself you can get through this. It will work.

One day, at some point you will smile, and look backward and say "Hell yeah, I am proving to myself that now I am here, I passed those phase and I did it well!!!!!"

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