The Valley Bistro Cafe, Bandung
Find Your Passion Again

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It's been a week I realize I lost my appetite. Normally I love to eat any kind of food, not because I'm hungry. I just love to eat and it is one of my passion. Unfortunately, in the last 7 days I felt nothing. I just filled my stomach only because it's hungry and I need it for alive.

But today, I wake up and I imagined everything that I want to do to get my passion back, and FOOD is one of it.

So, me and my best friend went to The Valley Bistro at Dago Pakar, Bandung, West Java. We decided to order from Appetizer until Dessert for dinner.

First, we ordered Hot Apple Pie and Green Tea Cake. The Hot Apple Pie with vanilla Ice Cream is just good!
Second, we ordered our each main course, I ordered Combo Platter; Grilled Tenderloin, Sausage BBQ, Chicken Cordon Blue & King Prawn with potato and salad. It served with various sauce (BBQ and Pattaya; I LOVE IT)
Third, I want to ordered soup since the air is cold here. But for me is enough, because I finally find my passion back. So there's no the thrid? There is.. but it's not food. It was a deep conversation with my best friend ;)

It's a good place for romantic dinner; scenic view of Bandung Citylight! The service were good. Don't forget to bring jacket because the weather is colder than Jakarta ;) The price is a bit expensive but it's very worth it!

The Valley Bistro Cafe
Jl. Lembah Pakar Timur 28, Bandung Dago, Indonesia

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