Countdown to 2012

I was sad not to go to Bali for New Year, because the exam's schedule in my University starts on 3th January and my partner-in-crime for NYE will having the exam on the first day at 7 o'clock (our plan to Bali is from 30th December - 4th January. If we insist to go and back early, like on 2th January, we thought it won't be good, since final exam needs EXTRA attention and it's just very inefficient. Study still the first priority, period). But me and all my girls have a chance to meet up once again, so we planned our NYE together, but still, agak ribet dan ujung-ujungnya kite lagi kite lagi, si manusia gabut, lol.

We had NYE at Social House, Grand Indonesia. There was a large window opened with the view of Bundaran HI. That day was quite fun! the athmosphere is good and we enjoyed the countdown. Aww too bad I didn't take a picture with Aris (Actually, we only have one event in pict together, when NYE in Bandung on 2010, lol).

Our view, lotsa fireworks.. it's awesome
Aris, holding Balloons to be flown when the countdown is over. Photos by Etta

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