How Life Is Going to Be? It Will Always Run...

Time goes by, soon I will leave Bandung. Part of me feel like it's going to be a new challenge for myself; proving that I can pursue my passion in art, besides I also look for the job for my own good -saving money for my future life and passion, and traveling lalala~. Other part of me don't want to leave Bandung. Someone still need me––NO-actually I need her. She is the one who taught me life lessons that I couldn't have in anywhere, her philosophy, her thoughts, her passion in seeing the world. Even sometimes she always feels she can't do anything, she is just stupid woman, she bla bla bla––NO! I believe something inside her will grow beautiful, endlessly, just like a white rose––yes she loves white rose more than any people in this world I think.

It is sad, but I know me and all my friends leaving Bandung earlier than her for good reason, because "the most sparkling diamond will shine if she forged well" I know God will lead her become something amazing.

I don't know how much I love her until my tears fall apart every time I heard something bad gone through her or her silly and impulsive behavior. But I know it is the part of her forging.

David Tyson Gentry said, "True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable." We felt that. Even someone sometimes said whether we fight each other or not-of course not. We just know that we both are fine.

My feeling so deep because sometimes I hope I am the last one who leave Bandung, so I won't be sad leaving this town (what a Taurean lol). But I know God have better plan than my hope. I'll join my other friends in Jakarta and maybe (I hope it will come true) we will go to Bandung again together, for her graduation? Oh my Lord, Aamiin!!

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