Sunny Sunday Thoughts...

I must admit that January will be the first hectic month in 2012. I must finish my undergraduate thesis sooon!!!!!! got push from my parents and this is make me stressed out a little bit. Thank god I have my best friends and the guy who always supported me! a rainbow man (couldn't describe him with other words), a rainbow in my life, but sometimes he could be a thunder too. So happy when you have someone who can be a lover, best friend, brother and enemy for you = almost complete package. Well, our journey reminds me of one song, Fix You by Coldplay. This song is very emotional song for my friend, Floretta (why I often mentioned her on my post? lol) and actually itu lagu emang JLEB banget.

"When you're too in love to let it go
But if you never try you never know
Just what you're worth...

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you..." –– Fix You by Coldplay

Lagu Fix You-nya Coldplay ini benar-benar menggambarkan mayoritas kehidupan yang kita rasakan, dan Tuhan secara gamblang memaparkan segala hal yang kita rasakan tapi kita takuti, segala hal yang kita ingin lakukan tapi kita urungkan karena tidak siap dengan segala resikonya, namun Tuhan berjanji dia akan memberi petunjuk dan akan tetap mengobati luka kita. Subhanallah, lagu ini maknanya besar.

Overall, hari minggu ini adalah awal dari kehektikan yang dengan mantap akan saya hadapi. Hey matters, I'll faced you 'cause I know my God is bigger than you! Chop-chop!!

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