The Journey

Too much sugar will kill you, so does with too much salt. The best thing is balancing between them two in order to create some cravings.

Craving is the feeling that will make your eyes spark every time you think about. Craving for passion, adventure and everything that will make you feel more alive.


Believe even when no one else believes in you. Believe that God creates each of our journeys for purpose that lead us to the glory.

I seek the spiritual journey to fulfill my mission, to convince myself that everything will happen in the right time –even sometimes there is no right time, we should make it happen.

Each sign, day by day has shown to me and prove that God leads me in the right way, to that glory.


One day, I'll wake up and walking along the beach to watch the sunrise. I let all the balloons that I have been keeping for a long time fly away high to the sky. I feel grateful for everything. I believe everything happens for a reason; it's the reason for why I'm smiling today. Seize the day!!


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