Just pick one and take a bite!

my favorite dialogue:
Violet and Suzie become Cookie (Violet) and Elmo (Suzie):
Suzie: "Well, Elmo think you should do what you think is right."
Violet: "Well, I don't really know what I think is right. I think I'm just.. you know, time will tell."
Suzie: "Elmo say it's been five years, almost five years! You either love hime or you don't."
Violet: "Me love him but it's very complicated. Cookie doesn't get everything handed to him on a fucking silver platter like Elmo."
Suzie: "Cookie got the career he wanted, Tom moved to Michigan so Cookie could work. Ok, Elmo wanted to be kinesiologist and instead Elmo is cleaning puke off her shirt everyday."
Violet: "Well maybe as nice as these little Elmo are, Elmo should have considered using protection. "C" is for condom!"
Suzie: "Elmo is very happy with Elmo's little Elmos, okay? Elmo would just like a break once in a while."
Violet: "Fine, this is.. fine! But this is precisely why Cookie wants to take the time, to consider if he's picked the right cookie for his life."
Suzie: "Well, maybe Elmo thinks there is no right cookie. You just pick one and take a bite.."
Violet: ...
Suzie: "The worst choice you can make, is no choice at all.."

Have you ever heard about the story of Guru and his student on the cliff of the mountain. The student asked Guru why he felt so hard to find the right person for his life. Then, Guru asked him to do a favor; to walk until the end of the cliff and pick one of the best grass that he seen without turning back. The student seemed confused, those grass look the same, he said in his mind. But without asking too much, he begin to do the favor; finding the best grass. On the first fourth step, he was about to pick the grass that he thought the best, but he didn't. there will be the best grass far there, I better keep going, in his mind. So he walk again and again to find the best grass until he realized he already in the end of the cliff, without picked any grass. He felt upset, and returned his walk to Guru. He found Guru smile at him, and asked "so how was that, have you picked your best grass?", then the student said "No, actually at the firth fourth steps I wanted to pick the grass which I think was the best, but realizing maybe there were another best grass far there I continued my walk until I realize I was in the end of the cliff. What this is was about, Guru?". Guru smile, and then explained, "That's your problem. You think you will get the perfect grass but you won't and you will never be. There is nothing perfect in this world, so does with finding the right person for your life -there always the bad side and good side. If you think that first fourth step stopped you to pick the grass, you should picked it. If you keep looking and looking without any certainty, you will find yourself wasting time and then you realize you were in the end of the cliff. Nevertheless, we all know those grass look the same."

Well, that was true. If you believe and you trust God always watch you and lead you to the right path, just go on. We do, God decide. This is the second time I find my interest in this kind of philosophy; love philosophy (If your read my posting about Felipe's Philosophy which is taken from one of my favorite novel, Committed)
Hope you find your soulmate :) Have a good day all!
Violet to Tom: "I don't think that we can figure out all of our problems before we get married, and I'm pretty sure we will have some after. But I promise you that I will just love you every step of the way. So yes or no?"

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