Go Karts!

Last saturday, me, Aris and his best friends played Go Karts somewhere in Kelapa Gading. It was funn!!! and after that we went to Amir's house which surprisingly located not far from my house hihihi... Two things I learned from that day: silent is gold and keep walking to reach your goals (not over thinking). Yeah. Amir is one of Aris best friend. After married, he wowed us. We don't need to talk too much to make everyone notice our achievement(s). One of his best friend said that apparently, we don't need to say much to be a better person, like Amir, the most silent person, the most often 'bullied' (he usually called as "tukang ngeles, banyak ngelesss kayak bajaj"), now he make his buddies proud of him. Action speaks louder than words. He made it to build the house, which is a very very lovely house. His wife also a beautiful woman, very friendly and humble, there's no age gape, I don't feel it (yep I'm the youngest, they are around 27-30), may be it's also because we were in the same university and major, all of Aris buddies were my senior hehehehe. Me individually, feel grateful surrounded by smart, humble and optimist people. :D

Something Out of The Box

Few months ago, I joined social movement called Mari Berhijab. I feel attached to it because it's something different, something out of the box from nowadays acts. Nowadays we persuade muslimah to wear hijab by fashion. In Mari Berhijab, we persuade them to wear hijab by giving inspiring stories from people who actually we weren't thought would wear hijab because of their lifestyle, their work or something else -but they did it, they wore hijab because they know it's an obligation to cover their aurah (whole body except face and palm hands). Our main goals are inspire and help others. That's why it called social movement. I meet new friends here, with various background; unemployment (me, haha!), student college, teacher, womanpreneur, soon-to-be a doctor, someone who work for science, someone who work for embassy, etc. One thing that I know about them; they care about the obligation to cover aurah, and they want to help and inspire others. On the second meeting, we organized our targets for 6 months ahead; make charity, make video, etc. Wish us luck! :)

Make A Step

So much things to do in the end of this year. Preparing my brother's wedding, participate in a social movement, study for IELTS, terrorizing my lecture (mehehehe) to get my thesis's revision done, apply job(s), brainstorming about interior design's business (the plan if i didn't get a chance to get diploma next year) for the concept bla and the bla, apply scholarship (still be determined about this, why not?), renewed my passport (Next year I plan to visit one of my bestfriend in Rotterdam, Netherland and have little euro trip), and what else? marriage thingy? hahaha yes it's in my thought too. And many moore. I guess If you think I'm an unemployment is totally wrong. I have so much to do, man. But, if you assumed unemployment is someone who doesn't make a money.. well may be you were right, I am an unemployment. 

All I can say is SEIZE the day guys! just make a move, even just a little. Because someday you realize it will make you become the ultimate YOU. Just worry less, think less and do more. Feel more (never get bored to write it on! haha)