Make A Step

So much things to do in the end of this year. Preparing my brother's wedding, participate in a social movement, study for IELTS, terrorizing my lecture (mehehehe) to get my thesis's revision done, apply job(s), brainstorming about interior design's business (the plan if i didn't get a chance to get diploma next year) for the concept bla and the bla, apply scholarship (still be determined about this, why not?), renewed my passport (Next year I plan to visit one of my bestfriend in Rotterdam, Netherland and have little euro trip), and what else? marriage thingy? hahaha yes it's in my thought too. And many moore. I guess If you think I'm an unemployment is totally wrong. I have so much to do, man. But, if you assumed unemployment is someone who doesn't make a money.. well may be you were right, I am an unemployment. 

All I can say is SEIZE the day guys! just make a move, even just a little. Because someday you realize it will make you become the ultimate YOU. Just worry less, think less and do more. Feel more (never get bored to write it on! haha)

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