Something Out of The Box

Few months ago, I joined social movement called Mari Berhijab. I feel attached to it because it's something different, something out of the box from nowadays acts. Nowadays we persuade muslimah to wear hijab by fashion. In Mari Berhijab, we persuade them to wear hijab by giving inspiring stories from people who actually we weren't thought would wear hijab because of their lifestyle, their work or something else -but they did it, they wore hijab because they know it's an obligation to cover their aurah (whole body except face and palm hands). Our main goals are inspire and help others. That's why it called social movement. I meet new friends here, with various background; unemployment (me, haha!), student college, teacher, womanpreneur, soon-to-be a doctor, someone who work for science, someone who work for embassy, etc. One thing that I know about them; they care about the obligation to cover aurah, and they want to help and inspire others. On the second meeting, we organized our targets for 6 months ahead; make charity, make video, etc. Wish us luck! :)

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