Night Reflection

Dear Lord Who Has Create this body perfectly
Hair that grows with a perfect, beautiful, black and bushy
Eyebrows that engrave the face beautifully
Ears that hear and listen well
Nose that could smell and breathe for all the graces you have given on earth
Mouth that could speak sincerely
Hands that could touch
Foots that could walk and run fastSkin that could sense the warmth of the sun, the cold of the evening, and the chill of the night
Eyes that could transform all of the above clearly to the brain
And this soul
This soul herself to create a big heart that you would expect; peaceful, love, acceptance, and loveMay this soul forge her to cooperate with eyes that has given
May this servant serene in handling the good and bad of life
May this servant accepted everything that has happened and prepare the heart to receive what will happen
May this servant able spread love
May this servant to love of herself and her surroundings
May this servant continue running your light toward the sacred
May this servant to be in your protection from people whom You choose in every path of her life to forge the heart of this mission
May this servant able to return to Your lap with peace without the slightest remorse, which lead her to Your glory
Laa ila ha illallah, O Allah, The One and The Only Lord.

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