I am huge procrastinator! Hahahahahaha. Akhirnya merampungkan tulisan ini juga. Okelah dibagi beberapa part ya karena saya backpacking selama seminggu dan setiap harinya banyak hal-hal yang sangat memorable.

It's been a long time I don't write this blog. My life is completely amazing. Happy wife, happy person. Still looking for the opportunity(ies) of everything (if you know what I mean, lol)

Ok, few months ago, in mid of March 2014, I went to Labuan Bajo, Flores. Yep, the picture from the previous post is one of my pictures taken from that beautiful island. Niatannya postingan sebelumnya ituh untuk prolog postingan ini EKSPLOR INDONESIA edisi FLORES, NTT (gaya!!)

So. How come I can go to there?
Let me tell you something first.

In February–a month before–I went to Bali, my husband traveled for work to Labuan Bajo and Bali until Saturday. So why not we spent weekend in Bali? Great idea, right? memanfaatkan kesempatan hahahahaha. So, I flew to Bali on Friday, have little "me time" in Seminyak and Kuta (ini requestan si Abang, si hip boy, saya mah doyannya Ubud. Saya pun hari pertama di Seminyak stay di favehotel, lalu di Kuta–karena sama hip boy yang ngga bisa lepas dari starbucks–ngineplah di sini, bagus juga, suka sama dekorasinya *teteuup). I was a bit jealous because I really want to go to Labuan Bajo, while he did not really enjoy it (there's no mall and so hot–he said. blah! tourist!)

In the next month.. Well, you will know if it's your faith (tsah!!) when suddenly you opened your twitter account–skim the timeline–and found Nafisah (Wulan), one of my best friend since I was kid, retweet:
"@dinidreaming: Ada yang mau ikut trip ke Labuan Bajo - Denge - Waerebo - Labuan Bajo - Live on Board (Rinca, Kambing, Pink Beach, Manta Point, Kanawa)?"
What I did next? I just retweet it and mentioned that I want to be a part of that trip. What a crazy Karina hahahahaha. No, I still have my own calculation; I still have free ticket from my Dad (I still can issued the ticket before I turn to 25 y.o, which is next month, April, hiks!), and guess what? my husband had a trip too to Japan. Woohoo! So no one will have sad eyes when their partner went away! Ye-ha!

I contacted Dini as soon as I got her number and asked for more detail about the trip. Who is Dini? I don't know! HAHA!! the only thing I know at that time that she is Wulan's friend. I opened Dini's twitter and found out she had a blog! Nice. Start from there, at least I will know what kind of she like (She's such an inspiring person!).
E X C I T E D !

to be continued...

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