New Sanctuary for Backpackers in Jogjakarta

Source: Wake Up Homestay

Short story, me and my friends went to Jogja to attend our best friend's wedding. After that, some of us flew back to Jakarta (because tomorrow is Monday which means: working!, and some got to pack the bag to go back to Bonn), some still in Jogja but stayed separately (there are who stay in my friend's borading house, or their family members in Jogja).

Where I stay in Jogja? Back home, I booked a new hostel located near Malioboro, called Wake Up Homestay. Reasons why I pick this hostel because:
  • It's new, so there's a guarantee that I won't get itchy by the bed bugs lol (although I always perpare myself with my second skin––a light version of sleeping bag)
  • They have Wifi
  • Since it's new (established in 2014, a year ago), the interior is nice and I kinda like it!
  • It comes with a good price, not the cheapest (you can find many cheaper hostel in Jogja), but since it's new (guaranteed no bed bugs) and the location is very strategic, it's a fair trade!
  • There are two types of dorm; IDR 135,000,-/bed for mix dorm (10 person/room) or IDR 150,000,-/bed for female dorm (4 person/room), bunk bed style, each has their own curtain, electricity socket and personal light reading lights! And from the pict that I look on the web, the bed look nice too!
  • I love their website too! hahaha

Does everything that I've seen on the internet meet my expectation in the reality? Y.E.S! Yabsolutely. The place is absolutely nice, neat and good ambience. Comfortable bed and pillow with the good service of air conditioner charge my energy to the max! Each bunk bed has their own curtain, electricity socket and personal reading light as what they write on their website. And from the pict that I look on the web, the bed look nice too!, The shower room separated; for him and for her. They have hot water! Ah that's just what I need to get more relax! The staff very friendly and also very helpful. I was planning to see sunrise at Borobudur and they helped me to find the accommodation. 

However, because there's a bar across the road, sometimes it can be quite noisy in the night. The best advice for me is to not the room near the street. Or, maybe one day they can have 

The last day of my stay in this hostels I meet the owner and their back-office staff. They happy to see local backpacker staying in their hostel––mostly their visitors are foreigners. They were also excited to hear my experience of staying in their hostel and asked if there were anything that need to improved. I hope they keep maintaining the cleanliness, since it's new it will be much easy to maintain with high standard of cleanliness from the beginning. I also write a review in Tripadvisor. Because I am a happy visitor!!! Well done Wake Up Homestay, see you when I see you!

Wake Up Homestay
Jl. Gandekan Lor no. 44
Yogyakarta - Indonesia
Phone : +62 274 514762


  1. itu harganya per Bed berarti ya kar? emang yg demen hostel biasanya bule yaak.. jadi inget dl pernah nginep di hostel di Berlin, 1 kamarnya ada 8 bed. pas gue tidur sih masih kosong *maklum jetlag*, eh paginya gue shock yg tidur di kasur sebelah gue bule cowo pake boxer doank.. hahahha.. trs ada 2 turis cewe lagi ntah darimana.. aaakkk culture shock langsung hahaha

    1. Iya ka Ola perbandingan turis asing sama lokal-nya masih dominan turis asing. Iya harga per-kasur itu. Enaknya di sini ada pilihan kamar yang untuk perempuan, udah gitu tempatnya strategis terus interiornya oke. Huahahahaha, iya itu seru banget ka Ola (plus shock bentar), kitanya juga jadi bisa sharing info tempat-tempat apa yang udah dia kunjungin sama yang udah kita kunjungin (pleus ngasah bahasa inggris/bahasa setempat).

  2. hai kak mau tanya dong, berarti satu kamar yang bisa diisi untuk 4 org itu boleh campuran ya? thankis

    1. Halo... Sepertinya bisa campur juga, kalau aku kemarin pesannya yang khusus dorm perempuan. Untuk yang mix kayaknya yang isinya 10 seingatku. Atau, untuk memastikan kamu bisa langsung kontak Wakeup Homestaynya langsung atau tanya via twitter mereka di @WakeUpHomestay

      Semoga membantu ya infoku ini. Selamat berpetualang :)

  3. Mba,kl untuk makan gitu daerah diluarnya byk tempat mkn ngga??

    1. Hi Mba, kalau mba jalan sekitan 100 meter itu sudah malioboro kok mba, jadi akses makanan juga mudah untuk dicari. Semoga infonya membantu :)