Snap & Tell The Story

Finally after reading sixth challenge of Ola's English Friday, I decided to join this English Club too. Every week BEC challenges us to write with the given topic. And for this week's challenge is:
What an interesting topic! It reminds me about my trip to Flores a year ago.

On the way from Ruteng to Labuan Bajo, Flores, NTT, 2013.

It was a fun and tiring day. In the morning, me and Dini (my partner for this trip) trekking downhill from Wae Rebo to Dintor for about three and half hours. After arrived in Dintor, we took shower and had lunch before continue our journey to Ruteng with motorcycle––another four hours to go! 

There was no signal at all and it was raining! The matter of fact, it still raining when we arrived.  While we were waiting for our travel to Labuan Bajo in Ruteng, we visited Cancar Village; well-known for their spiderwebbed rice fields. In order to get a nice view of those rice fields we need to walk uphill (trekking… again!), but it was worth to see though (even in a cloudy day). Our guide said that in order to give the equal inheritance, the ancestor divided each rice field from center. That's why it look like spiderweb. 

Finally, our travel arrived at our meeting point and we head back to Labuan Bajo! It was very long and winding road, yet I forced myself to not sleep because I want to see the sunset––my last sunset in this island. Even though I wasn’t sitting right next the window I still had few space to get the perfect sunset for my picture collection. Not only me who hunted the sunset, half of the bus were busy taking picture too (did I mentioned it was a winding road?). Lucky me, the guy beside me––the one who sitting next the window––was not one of the hunters! I took it with my half-sitting style––one of my signature "Shoot My Best" hahahaha! 

The cloud covered up mountains, the silhouette of trees and the sun set the warmest color; orange, violet, red, blue, and it's gradation. It feels like he said to me, “your tiring day was nothing, here I give you my best shine, enjoy!”

The most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen, the cure for my tiring day.