Favorite Indonesian Food

This week challenge is about Indonesian Food and we have to share about what is our favorite. Hmm... If I have to choose one, the answer is KETOPRAK.

My parents are originally from South Sumatra (mom born in Bandung because my grandpa moved Bandung, but still she is Palembang in her blood) and West Sumatra (dad) and Cumi is from Lhokseumawe, Aceh. Although "Ikan/everything in Balado Style" is always the IT dish on the table––not to mention rendang, pindang, pempek and gulai too––ketoprak has it's own space in my heart; it's always be the choice for my lunch at school beside meatball soup (bakso), especially when I'm in highschool I always ordered it. Even when I pursuing my bachelor degree in Bandung back in the day, I always searching for the nice ketoprak––which always the one that sells in front of my home residence back in Pamulang is the winner. So, for me ketoprak is my lifetime food.

The main reason why I love ketoprak is not only they served with tofu, vermicelli, and rice cake or ketupat and crackers––I don't add ketupat, just vermicelli, tofu and crackers––it's because I am a peanut lover! yes! Maybe you already notice in some of my posting about food I often mention peanut hahahaha. I love ketoprak more than satay ayam, siomay, pecel, lotek/gadok-gado and karedok.

Mostly I eat Ketoprak as my breakfast. There is two way of describing this food; delicious and very delicious! (ooh it sounds funnier in Indonesia; "enak dan enak banget!") 

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