Romantic Middle East Night

Yesterday, we were looking for romantic ambience for our dinner and still in love with middle east theme. Our choice goes to Anatolia, Kemang. It is an authentic turkish restaurant (turkish again, huh?) and the price is more cheaper than the previous place we've visited. The different between them is that one was built by passionate chef and this, in my opinion, built by passionate food & beverage company who established 3 amazing fine dining restaurant in Jakarta (Anatolia for Turkish Cuisine, Maroush for Moroccan Cuisine, and Front Page for Indian Cuisine)––actually we want to go to Maroush. But since it's located in Crowne Plaza, we felt it would be too "serious" for us who still wanted to enjoy the restaurant's ambience and some laughable conversation.

Set menu IDR 199,000,- ++/pax:

Mezze Plate (√ vegetarian)
Lava bread served with hummus, babaganuc, and chopped of tomato and parsley salad (maydanoz salasati), and grilled mushroom with shrimp 

Main Course
Feslegenli Patlican Sarmasi (√ vegetarian)
Fried eggplant (aubergine) parcels filled with sautéed vegetables and fresh basil
Mix Kebab Plate
Char grilled chicken and lam kebab served with shaved lamb doner kebab, icli pilav and pita bread
Minced chicken/lamb cooked with spices and tomato wrapped in flat bread topped with cheddar cheese and our special tomato gravy
Yayla Kebab
Minced chicken/lamb kebab served on sautéed lavas bread topped with dry chilli flakes and garlic yoghurt sauce

Kuru Kayisi Tatlisi
Dried apricots soaked in homemade syrup and stuffed with walnuts, cream and grated pistachio
Bul-Bul Yuvasi
Filo pastry stuffed with pistachios and topped with homemade syrup

For main course we chose Durme and Yayla Kebab. For our beverage, I ordered çay (Turkish tea) and mineral water, Cumi ordered ice peach tea. While we waiting our main course, there was a belly dance performance. It didn't had much crowd since it's 10.00 p.m (very late diner) and there were only 2 couple guests (include us)––that would be good in weekend. I love the Yayla Kebab, it's spicy juicy and very light. I also tried their baklava which was very simple made from layers filo pastry, butter, pistachios baked with homemade syrup and honey.

The portion for the set menu is quite heavy; they have same size portion for a la carte and set menu, which normally the portion for the set menu is smaller than normal (a la carte). Also, I was hoping they can add Lamb Shank on their choice of main course in their set menu, because on their menu Lamb Shank is their Chef Signature dish. Overall, it was a lovely friday night with a romantic middle east ambience, good food, happy tummy, we are happy couple!

Jl. Kemang Raya No.110/A, Jakarta
Tlp: (62-21) 719 4658 Fax: (62-21) 719 4617

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