Holiday Destination Under IDR 100K You Must See

Hello, it’s been a long time since my last post of english friday challenge (I skip 10 challange, big apology hihi!). Since the topic of this weekend challenge is one of my interest, I will share you about holiday destination UNDER IDR 100,000,- Where is it? Can you notice where and what place of picture above?

Yes you are right, it's Gunung Padang Megalithic Site in Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia. I went here month ago––you can read it here and it was awesome! Going to some place or traveling (whatever you name it!) for me it’s not just about taking good picture and upload it to social media or said “yea, I’ve been there, so?” it’s not something that we must feel be competitive about. For me it’s to grown my “own grass” (the grass always greener on the other side doesn’t apply in my positive mind :P)  reconnect with nature and a big reminder for me that we’re just a tiny piece in this gigantic world –– a self reminder to praising God again and again. There are 5 reasons why you should (((MUST))) go there:
  1. It’s THE BIGGEST Megalithic Site IN SOUTH-EAST ASIA
  2. Learning history in the middle of holiday? why not?!! Here you’ll get plenty.
  3. If you’re lucky, you can see the process of making palm sugar at village near site (don’t forget to buy to support our local ;) 
  4. There’s a yummy meatball (bakso) and warteg with very spicy-hot sambal in front of the ticket gate
  5. And for the most important thing: you can go to this place with under or maximum spend IDR 100,000,- (without staying)
Jakarta – Bogor with Commuter Line                                             IDR 7,000
Bogor – Sukabumi – Cianjur (Lampegan) with Economy Train  IDR 30,000 *
Entrance Fee to Gunung Padang Megalithic Site                         IDR 4,000    +
                                                                                                              IDR 41,000 (IDR 82,000 RETURN)

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag, fill with snacks, empty your mind, bring your camera and let’s go~ seize the day!!

Ah, don’t forget to bring back your trash or put it in recycle bin there! keep it clean, people! ;)

*) Price for weekend, for more info go to PT. KAI website. Please book your ticket if you plan to go
in the weekend because it’s usually full booked.

Gunung Padang Megalithic Site
Karyamukti Village, Cianjur
West Java, Indonesia


  1. Ah. This is the place I want to go to. But never had a chance. Wait never had a chance or never tried to make it.
    I read about the place from one of my friend also and instantly make me interested to go to. Now I know how much I need to prepare.
    Snacks, drinks - bring them from home.

    1. Halo Mas Lukito...
      You really must go there, Mas!!! If you want to stay for a night, in front of ticket gate there’s a small path to go down (near bakso) there’s house for stay, you can ask people around or ask Abah Dadi/her wife who have warteg there–or stay in their homestay village. I personally better stay there close to the gate, who knows you can watch sunset, if you’re lucky at night you can stargazing up there at Megalithic Site and sunrise woohoo ;)

  2. Aaaah. Thank you Mbak for the information! :) will try it in the future! :D

  3. Yeaaaaayy!! I Love this.. an interesting place to visit, will go there someday.. Thanks for sharing Mbak.. ^_^

  4. I want to go there...thank you for your information :)

  5. Pernah kesini, dan treknya lumayan menguras stamina, tapi pemandangan diatas lumayan menghilangkan rasa capek :D