Zen Moment

First time strolling around Ginza during Winter with Faela san, 2015.

Moving abroad can be difficult; you’re out from your comfort zone––facing different weather, culture, and language. After all bureaucracy things done, your new life is begin. Some people survived, some people not. One thing that makes you survive through all challenges is: excitement.

Halloween di Shibuya

Ketika beberapa negara melarang perayaan Halloween dengan alasan perayaan tersebut merupakan salah satu perayaan agama tertentu, di Jepang, Halloween merupakan acara komersil. Mereka tidak terlalu memikirkan asal muasal Halloween, mereka hanya melihat ini sebagai ajang pesta kostum yang meriah.

Bisa dibayangkan kan lautan situasi di sana, khususnya di depan stasiun JR Shibuya yang letaknya persis di depan monumen Hachiko, Shibuya ‘scramble’ Crossing dan shopping district? Let’s check this out!

Tama River Fireworks Festival

世田谷区たまがわ花火大会 (Setagaya-ku Tama Gawa Hanabi Taikai) – Setagaya Tama River Fireworks Festival

Last week, August 20 2016, I went to Indonesian Week Festival (Pesta Rakyat). That morning the weather wasn’t good, heavy rain with thunderstorm. During the festival, one of my friend asked me whether that day I would go to see the fireworks or not. I actually had no clue at all about the event. Since it wasn’t far from my house, I decided to go the event.

The weather wasn’t predictable. Everytime I checked weather forecasting on my phone, wasn’t as accurate as usual. Around 11 AM, after heavy rain with thunderstorm, suddenly was very sunny and humid. I barely felt the wind blow. I doubt myself to go to Futakotamagawa to see the festival, but my feeling said that this will be the last fireworks I could attend during this summer. Also, from what I’ve seen on the website, it looks spectacular.

Hari Ulang Tahun Republik Indonesia ke-71

Seiring beranjak dewasa, jujur saya sudah tidak begitu tertarik dengan acara menyambut lomba perayaan 17 Agustus. Sangat berbeda ketika masih kecil yang bawaannya pengen ikutan pleus menangin semua lomba biar dapet hadiah. Rasa excited itu berkurang perlahan, begitu pula dengan antusiasme di tempat saya tinggal. Perlombaan yang biasanya diadakan di taman utama komplek, sekarang hanya dilakukan di beberapa jalan depan rumah. Anak-anak ABG pun hanya sekedar mejeng di area sekitaran lomba cuma untuk update social media (yang pada kehidupan realita mereka hanya datang-foto-posting-pulang), well there’s nothing wrong with that though, it’s tragic!

In brief word, Law of Diminishing Return does exist, and it happens!

Lalu, apa rasanya merayakan kemerdekaan tanah air di negeri orang? 

Satu kata buat saya:

Sumida River Fireworks Festival

隅田川花火大会 (Sumida Gawa Hanabi Taikai) – Sumida River Fireworks Festival, 2016.
Taken from 白髭橋 (Shirahige Bashi) – Shirahige Bridge.

This summer I missed a lot of festival. Weather––Too hot, high humidity, sometimes raining all day––is one of the reason. I missed Yokohama Hanabi (Yokohama Fireworks) festival few weeks ago (which lately I heard that they will have fireworks festival again in the middle of August), but not for this one, Sumida River Fireworks Festival.

If July is the best month to shopping (summer sale everywhere), August will be a good month to spend your time outside (if you can stand of the hot weather and high humidity), because the peak of summer festival is coming! And for me August is like the highlight of summer, not only because of the summer festival, but also I get exciting for trying other new places near Tokyo, like park, beach, anything. Also, August I will attend the Independence Day of Indonesia (17 Agustusan say bahasa kerennya), excited!

Ok, let’s talk about the fireworks festival!

Meguro River Cherry Blossom Festival

目黒川桜まつり(Meguro Gawa Sakura Matsuri) – Meguro River Cherry Blossom Festival, 2016

When I know my house in Tokyo located in Meguro. The first thing come in my mind is to google it and click Images section. A-ha! there’s a river with lotsa cherry blossom (sakura) in Spring! How excited! I just need to walk around 200 meters from home, no need to take a bus or train.

Three days in a row I strolled this river. First day with my husband, the second day with my friend, and the third day with my other friend––I think the last two days I become an impromptu tour guide, haha!

Around 800 cherry trees stand along the river. Everyday I see it differently. Pinkish color of sakura  depends on the weather and sunlight that day. My highlight was on the second day. We strolled until the end of the river, which is not far from Nakameguro, and we really did some photo-hunting about the Festival; people, cherry blossom, food, etc.

Sailor Moon Exhibition

Yang waktu masih SD idolanya Sailor Moon tunjuk tangannn!!!! Selamat guys, beberapa tahun lagi umur kita nyentuh 30! LOL

I was so thrilled when my husband brought tickets for Sailor Moon Exhibition.The Exhibiton was held from April 16th to June 19. And we went on June 18 & 19, because we got 4 tickets; 2 for Sailor Moon Exhibition and 2 for Mori Art Museum: My Body, Your Voice––which all the tickets can be used to entrance for both of them. The queue was huge, thank God we’ve got the ticket!

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan, the holy month for moslem is here and we are in the 2nd week.

What I miss about Ramadan back in my country? well not only in Ramadan, but since I’m here hearing adhan live is one of the thing I miss. Mostly, I heard it from my phone application.

So, how is like Ramadan abroad?

Tabligh Akbar at Balai Indonesia, Sekolah Republik Indonesia Tokyo (SRIT). Every weekend they held Tabligh Akbar & Iftar. Every week they bring Ustad from Indonesia to become Imam for Tarawih. The 1st week was headed by Ustad Khalid Basalamah.


Finally, my time to write has come.

I promised myself that I would start to write again on this blog, after I settled for about 6 months in Japan. Why 6 months? Because I need to explore around me first before sharing it on blog. It’s just the way I wanted so that I will focus to write about what I’ve been through this half year, without need to taking pict-posting-taking pict-posting. Seized the moment and it’s okay if the rest of the world not hear any news from you, as long as you feel content ;)

“Did I lost my desire?” 

Almost. By not writing for 6 months, I almost lost my desire to write on blog, because what happen in the reality much exciting to miss! But, I always remember back in Indonesia when I often feel spending a day feel so long, have nothing to do––I put that time to write and find an interesting topics, places to write and review. By posting it on blog it’s also means record every interesting moment that happened to me, just like usual journal.

I also realized that writing about what you need to prepare when you live abroad, where to go, what to do and so on will be interesting, since when I done those things I googled a lot to see what others prepare, and I find there was not much information about that, so I will start from that.

But first, let’s enjoy Game of Thrones Season 6! See you later.

Rare Moment: Snow!

Pagi hari ini, di depan rumah

Yuhu, sekarang di rumah udah ada WiFi––dari minggu kemaren sih, tapi biasa, giliran udah ada, mager buka laptop, human!––sesuatu yang jarang terjadi di Tokyo, yang biasnya hanya dua tahun sekali, telah tiba: SALJU! HUJAN SALJU. Hujan es, hujan salju, salju basah, bukan cireng (lho?), kalau diperhatiin kayak es diancurin. Kok kaget banget? ga lihat ramalan cuaca apah?!

Little Note from Daikanyama

Tsutaya Books, Daikanyama, Shibuya,  January 10th 2016

Hello again!!! Masih fakir Wi-fi sampai saat ini.

Finding place to solitude yourself here in Tokyo is so easy. Besides my favorite spot near house, Starbucks Meguro Headquarter, this place become my favorite spot instantly after being introduced with one of my friend here last week. One of the reason why I want her to take me here is because she said that this place is one of the best architecture building. And yes, I couldn’t close my mouth when I saw this place. It’s Tsutaya Bookstore in Daikanyama, Shibuya, Tokyo––or simply called it Daikanyama T-Site. 

Hello 2016!

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Late December 2015

Hello, it’s me~

It’s been a long time––and year has changed since my last post.

There's several changes in my life. Me and my husband moved to Japan in the last 2015. When we arrived, so many things must be done like signing house contract, apply for gaimusho (ID for permanent resident), apply health insurance, change mobile phone and number, buy furniture for our home, get to know the neighbourhood, our friends and relative who lives in Japan––especially Tokyo, a place where we live now, and yada yada. Everything went very well. It’s our first time living together––just the two of us––under the roof just like newlyweds. Two and half months passed and we feel nothing but happiness.