Rare Moment: Snow!

Pagi hari ini, di depan rumah

Yuhu, sekarang di rumah udah ada WiFi––dari minggu kemaren sih, tapi biasa, giliran udah ada, mager buka laptop, human!––sesuatu yang jarang terjadi di Tokyo, yang biasnya hanya dua tahun sekali, telah tiba: SALJU! HUJAN SALJU. Hujan es, hujan salju, salju basah, bukan cireng (lho?), kalau diperhatiin kayak es diancurin. Kok kaget banget? ga lihat ramalan cuaca apah?!

Little Note from Daikanyama

Tsutaya Books, Daikanyama, Shibuya,  January 10th 2016

Hello again!!! Masih fakir Wi-fi sampai saat ini.

Finding place to solitude yourself here in Tokyo is so easy. Besides my favorite spot near house, Starbucks Meguro Headquarter, this place become my favorite spot instantly after being introduced with one of my friend here last week. One of the reason why I want her to take me here is because she said that this place is one of the best architecture building. And yes, I couldn’t close my mouth when I saw this place. It’s Tsutaya Bookstore in Daikanyama, Shibuya, Tokyo––or simply called it Daikanyama T-Site. 

Hello 2016!

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Late December 2015

Hello, it’s me~

It’s been a long time––and year has changed since my last post.

There's several changes in my life. Me and my husband moved to Japan in the last 2015. When we arrived, so many things must be done like signing house contract, apply for gaimusho (ID for permanent resident), apply health insurance, change mobile phone and number, buy furniture for our home, get to know the neighbourhood, our friends and relative who lives in Japan––especially Tokyo, a place where we live now, and yada yada. Everything went very well. It’s our first time living together––just the two of us––under the roof just like newlyweds. Two and half months passed and we feel nothing but happiness.