Finally, my time to write has come.

I promised myself that I would start to write again on this blog, after I settled for about 6 months in Japan. Why 6 months? Because I need to explore around me first before sharing it on blog. It’s just the way I wanted so that I will focus to write about what I’ve been through this half year, without need to taking pict-posting-taking pict-posting. Seized the moment and it’s okay if the rest of the world not hear any news from you, as long as you feel content ;)

“Did I lost my desire?” 

Almost. By not writing for 6 months, I almost lost my desire to write on blog, because what happen in the reality much exciting to miss! But, I always remember back in Indonesia when I often feel spending a day feel so long, have nothing to do––I put that time to write and find an interesting topics, places to write and review. By posting it on blog it’s also means record every interesting moment that happened to me, just like usual journal.

I also realized that writing about what you need to prepare when you live abroad, where to go, what to do and so on will be interesting, since when I done those things I googled a lot to see what others prepare, and I find there was not much information about that, so I will start from that.

But first, let’s enjoy Game of Thrones Season 6! See you later.