Sailor Moon Exhibition

Yang waktu masih SD idolanya Sailor Moon tunjuk tangannn!!!! Selamat guys, beberapa tahun lagi umur kita nyentuh 30! LOL

I was so thrilled when my husband brought tickets for Sailor Moon Exhibition.The Exhibiton was held from April 16th to June 19. And we went on June 18 & 19, because we got 4 tickets; 2 for Sailor Moon Exhibition and 2 for Mori Art Museum: My Body, Your Voice––which all the tickets can be used to entrance for both of them. The queue was huge, thank God we’ve got the ticket!

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan, the holy month for moslem is here and we are in the 2nd week.

What I miss about Ramadan back in my country? well not only in Ramadan, but since I’m here hearing adhan live is one of the thing I miss. Mostly, I heard it from my phone application.

So, how is like Ramadan abroad?

Tabligh Akbar at Balai Indonesia, Sekolah Republik Indonesia Tokyo (SRIT). Every weekend they held Tabligh Akbar & Iftar. Every week they bring Ustad from Indonesia to become Imam for Tarawih. The 1st week was headed by Ustad Khalid Basalamah.