Sailor Moon Exhibition

Yang waktu masih SD idolanya Sailor Moon tunjuk tangannn!!!! Selamat guys, beberapa tahun lagi umur kita nyentuh 30! LOL

I was so thrilled when my husband brought tickets for Sailor Moon Exhibition.The Exhibiton was held from April 16th to June 19. And we went on June 18 & 19, because we got 4 tickets; 2 for Sailor Moon Exhibition and 2 for Mori Art Museum: My Body, Your Voice––which all the tickets can be used to entrance for both of them. The queue was huge, thank God we’ve got the ticket!

Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion

If you’re not really a fan of Sailor Moon maybe the exhibition is a bit boring for you. But not for me, every raw sketches, final sketches, and ornaments of Sailor Moon were there! You also can order the special souvenir, but takes 3 months and it’s not international shipping, so you need someone who live in Japan though.

Most of the sketch were in the Sailor Moon Picture Book, I forgot the title. But it contains all the artwork Sailor Moon. I had it and as far as I remember each page already fall apart from the main book. Imagine those pics in the bigger scale, with special light show in night––there’s a light show with Sailor Moon theme song played during the sunset––And of course, the background of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo city lights.

What a great day reminiscing childhood memories!!

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