Meguro River Cherry Blossom Festival

目黒川桜まつり(Meguro Gawa Sakura Matsuri) – Meguro River Cherry Blossom Festival, 2016

When I know my house in Tokyo located in Meguro. The first thing come in my mind is to google it and click Images section. A-ha! there’s a river with lotsa cherry blossom (sakura) in Spring! How excited! I just need to walk around 200 meters from home, no need to take a bus or train.

Three days in a row I strolled this river. First day with my husband, the second day with my friend, and the third day with my other friend––I think the last two days I become an impromptu tour guide, haha!

Around 800 cherry trees stand along the river. Everyday I see it differently. Pinkish color of sakura  depends on the weather and sunlight that day. My highlight was on the second day. We strolled until the end of the river, which is not far from Nakameguro, and we really did some photo-hunting about the Festival; people, cherry blossom, food, etc.

People enjoy the festival in their own way. Some of them walking together with friends and family, some of them bring their camera and photograph equipments to support their photo-hunting, some of them love to selfie, and taking picture with sakura, BBQing (yakiniku) or even just sit under sakura, . Well, everyone is having fun and make great memories. Including me, capturing those moments. 

I write a short version of this on my Steller account. Whenever I lost my desire to write on blog, I managed to write short version there. I find myself quite enjoy the app, it’s very convenient for me recently.

Meguro River is a good place to enjoy sakura. This year the festival held in early April.

How to get there? 

Look for Nakameguro Station if you’re using:
  • Subway (Tōkyū Tōyoko Line, Hibiya Line)
Meguro Station if you’re using:
  • JR Yamanote Line
  • Subway (Mita Line, Namboku Line)
  • Meguro Line. 
It’s only few steps from both station.

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