Tama River Fireworks Festival

世田谷区たまがわ花火大会 (Setagaya-ku Tama Gawa Hanabi Taikai) – Setagaya Tama River Fireworks Festival

Last week, August 20 2016, I went to Indonesian Week Festival (Pesta Rakyat). That morning the weather wasn’t good, heavy rain with thunderstorm. During the festival, one of my friend asked me whether that day I would go to see the fireworks or not. I actually had no clue at all about the event. Since it wasn’t far from my house, I decided to go the event.

The weather wasn’t predictable. Everytime I checked weather forecasting on my phone, wasn’t as accurate as usual. Around 11 AM, after heavy rain with thunderstorm, suddenly was very sunny and humid. I barely felt the wind blow. I doubt myself to go to Futakotamagawa to see the festival, but my feeling said that this will be the last fireworks I could attend during this summer. Also, from what I’ve seen on the website, it looks spectacular.

I grabbed my bags, umbrella, mini tripod and my camera. My GPS didn’t work well––too much play Pokémon Go! and YouTube, sucking up my quota, and I always forgot to set to WiFi whenever I’m home, duh!––so I went to the venue by following the crowd.

I look everyone brings their picnic bag, and lots bento and drink. Oh my gosh! I forgot to bring my floor mat! the ground is wet! I keep walking, looking for a nice spot, and I received a big flier, brochure and plastic bag. Perfect! I will use this big flyer as my floor mat, the brochure as my hand fan, and plastic bag for my bag (my camera bag has it’s own rain cover, phew!), and umbrella to cover myself with all these stuff.

I got a nice spot on the hillside, a place where I see lot of photo hunter sit, and where the nicest non-reserved place so far I can find. I set-up my mini tripod, set my camera, and waiting. Not long from that the rain comes but quickly stop right before the event start.

I still cannot believe I sit on the right spot. The final fireworks played The Prayer by Celine Dion feat. Andrea Bocelli. It was the most beautiful and romantic fireworks festival I’ve seen during this summer!

How to get there?
- Look for Futakotamagawa station

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