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On September 23, the Roadone Tire Distributor Conference was successfully held in Islamabad, Pakistan. The RoadoneTire Oversea sales Team and 200 local dealers gathered together to discuss the development plan. This conference is the first major overseas conference of RoadoneTire in 2019, and it is also an important measure for Roadone Tire to implement the localization marketing strategy.


In recent years, Roadone Tire actively responded to the national "Belt and Road" initiative and the "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor" construction plan, continuously researching and developing new products suitable for the local market in Pakistan, continuously improving the brand awareness of Roadone tires in Pakistan, and injecting friendship into China-Pakistan friendship. At the same time, Roadoneis constantly accelerating the pace of globalization, and formulating overseas development strategies of localization, intercontinent alization, R & D globalization, and continuously fulfilling the corporate mission of "Creating Roadone World Famous Brand".


In 2003, HIXIH Group founded the Roadone brand. In 2004, Roadone tires entered the domestic andforeign markets. In response to the current situation that the international brands in China's truck and bus market are not satisfied with the local brands, and in the absence of technology in 2014, HIXIH Group invested in the establishment of TONGLI tires with Roadone brand, through years of localizationand intensive cultivation, Roaodne tires withstood the test in Pakistan's toughroad conditions, and gradually won the confidence of end users. Roadone will continue to improve its old products and strive to become the first choice for Pakistan replacement tires market!


Facing the complicated and severe domestic and international economic situation, HIXIH Group firmly adheres to the development policy of "two unwavering, two persistences and one goal", and wins a series of tough battles, such as strong alliances, market development, and large-scale project construction with international vision, open thinking and innovative measures. Achieving high-level and high-quality development, and have created good performances that have risen to the challenge and risen against the trend, fully demonstrating the unique advantage that the more difficult the HIXIH Group face, the more stable HIXIH become, more development with more crisis.


Taking this overseas conference as the starting point, Roadone will carry out more localized marketing activities, continuously improve its independent innovation capability and core competitiveness, and create a perfect quality system andinternational brand will be the first priority. Roadone will Continue toprovide customers with higher service quality, increase overseas market share, continuously improve the market sales system, develop local sales policies, andjointly improve the quality of Roadone brand services.


Roadone Tire will be basedon excellent tire quality, docking the global tire market and creating a more comprehensive and dense network of world tire markets. Efforts will be made tocreate a new engine for economic development and to create a new impetus foreconomic development, so that "Tire Intelligent Manufacturing" willbe equated with "High-end Made in China" to create a new"high-end Made in China" business card that will never fade!

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